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  • Lalela x A4: Common

    The Lalela leadership group and alumni participate in a screen-printing workshop, making protest T-shirts in response to Common.

    12–15 Jul 2023

  • Lalela x A4: Customs

    Learners explore their own rituals and customs to create instructional artworks.

    27 Aug–29 Oct 2022

  • Photo Book! Photo-Book! Photobook! | Internship

    Thando, Grace, and Jupiter join A4 as interns, pursuing individual research questions, working in the foundation’s library, and supporting the exhibition programme as docents.

    15 Feb–10 May 2022

  • Lalela x A4: Tell It to the Mountains

    Youth from Lalela’s after-school programme interact with Tell It to the Mountains.

    17 Nov–4 Dec 2021

  • Scalabrini Workshop

    As part of his Open Production at A4, Igshaan Adams partners with Cape Town designers W35T and Pichulik to facilitate workshops for the Scalabrini Centre Women’s Platform.

    20–22 Oct 2020

  • #unleash APG student project

    A4 designs an online course with first-year students from the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at the University of Cape Town.

    25 Aug–1 Oct 2020

  • CCA at home

    Postgraduate students from the Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA) learn practical and production skills for curators.

    21 Apr–1 May 2020

  • CCA Internship 2020

    Kay'leigh Fisher and Thabang Kanyane join A4 as interns from UCT’s Centre for Curating the Archive to workshop their contributions to the programme.

    1 Apr–7 Aug 2020

  • Stanford Internship 2020

    An undergraduate student from Stanford University visits A4 on an internship to further their research into arts-based practices.

    9 Jan–31 Mar 2020

  • Summer School with Christian Nerf

    Christian Nerf runs a summer school for children, sharing artistic processes and practice.

    21 Sep 2019

  • A4/MOCAD Teen Exchange

    Teen dialogues, sharing, and exchange between Cape Town and Detroit.

    14 Sep 2019–25 Jan 2020

  • Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

    Futuring and Futurisms: A seminar series with students from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

    23–24 Jul 2019

  • Exchange – AFDA/A4

    Exploring experimental film and video art with AFDA students.

    16–17 Jul 2019

  • Studio Talks with Sukuma Mkhize

    A four-part investigation into astronomy, sound and art, co-ordinated by artist in residence Sukuma Mkhize.

    3–24 Jul 2019

  • Water Workshop with Edu Africa

    The Avenues World School’s Water Crisis Tour at A4 Arts Foundation.

    24 Apr 2019

  • Curatorial Workshop

    A workshop led by Matthew S Witkovsky and Janine Mileaf.

    18 Apr 2019

  • CCA Internship 2019

    Four students from UCT’s Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA) join A4 as interns to pursue their research and to experience work in an arts organisation.

    10 Apr–26 Jul 2019

  • African Centre for Cities | City Research Studio 2019

    An exploration of urban-planning mechanisms through an arts-based qualitative inquiry.

    10 Apr–15 May 2019

  • Teaching Teachers

    A participatory artwork devised by artist Christian Nerf.

    21 Feb 2019

  • Ghetto Relay – Lalela

    A conceptual detour from the ubiquitous township tour.

    1 Dec 2018

  • Lego Robotics

    Workshops with ORT SA Cape Town and Early Birds, Mfuleni.

    22 Sep 2018–30 Nov 2019

  • Data Science Intensive (DSI)

    The Data Science Intensive programme challenges 16 participants to tackle four consecutive real-world data science projects in teams.

    19 Sep–19 Oct 2018

  • Youth, Identity and the City

    An activation and capacity-building initiative.

    18 Sep–13 Oct 2018

  • Curatorial Exchange

    A collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago and A4 Arts Foundation, the exchange sees curators from Cape Town travelling to Chicago, followed by a reciprocal visit.

    10 Sep–3 Dec 2018

  • Artificial Intelligence JEDI

    JEDI workshop explores new developments in Artificial Intelligence and ways to apply AI research in astronomy and cosmology.

    13–15 Mar 2018

  • Wearables

    Wearables workshop with artist Unathi Mkonto.

    24 Feb 2018

  • Kids Art Collective (Radical Library)

    Did a teacher ever tell you not to draw in a book?

    28 Oct 2017

  • Creating in Circles

    Mutterings about guns, cameras, guerrilla cinema groups, rocks and rebellion: the role of militant cinema circles in rehearsing anti-colonial rebellion is explored in three screenings with Eugene Paramoer.

    1 Sep–1 Nov 2017

  • Kids Art Collective

    The Kids Art Collective at 23 Buitenkant Street.

    11 Aug 2016

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