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A view into the Archive of A4, the database offers uncurated access to projects, practitioners, artworks and publications.




Special Collections
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  • Hedley Twidle | Unheard Of

    Bioacoustics, soundscape ecology, anthropophony, sound art, noise…

    2 Apr–30 Nov 2024

  • Bella Knemeyer | Sustain what?

    A research project and roundtable discussion ask after sustainability in the arts.

    3 Apr–30 Jun 2023

  • Curatorial Connective 2022

    New Curators – Mark Godfrey, Kerryn Greenberg, and Rudi Minto de Wijs – present this year’s Curatorial Connective at A4’s lab.

    11–18 Dec 2022

  • LACMA Research Visit with Dhyandra Lawson

    Curator Dhyandra Lawson is supported in her research of South African art and artists towards an exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

    17 Jun–4 Jul 2022

  • Photo book! Photo-book! Photobook! | Marathon

    In a series of exchanges – culminating in a two-day marathon – Sean O'Toole invites practitioner-friends into conversation; asking after the photobook as process, logic and form.

    5–6 May 2022

  • CTAF 2022 x A4 Curators’ Exchange

    An intensive four-day programme of conversation and exchange between international and local curators with the support of the Belgian Embassy and Consulate.

    17–21 Feb 2022

  • Staging an Institution

    On the entrance walls, artist Bella Knemeyer considers how to frame A4 for practitioners and publics visiting the arts laboratory.

    8 Oct 2021–14 Jan 2022

  • Mikhael Subotzky | Hey you, what you doing?

    Mikhael Subotzky interviews Hermanus van Wyk for his film Epilogue: Disordered and Flatulent (2022).

    1 Sep–1 Oct 2021

  • Sumayya Vally | Waiting Upon

    Sumayya Vally joins A4 as an integrated practitioner through the foundation’s Course of Enquiry.

    1 Sep 2021–30 Mar 2022

  • Fellowship | New Curators

    Mark Godfrey and Kerry Greenberg are awarded the inaugural A4 Fellowship to build a New Curators, as yet in its proposal stage at the time of the award.

    20 Apr 2021–31 Dec 2022

  • Curatorial Connective 2021

    Emerging curators are funded by A4 with the support of collectors and their collections to attend a programme of workshops and seminars intended to facilitate access and encourage exchange.

    12 Apr–28 May 2021

  • Tell It to the Mountains | Roundtable

    Practitioner-friends gather around Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Mikhael Subotzky’s work to offer reflections on their photographic projects and the intricacies of image-making.

    10 Dec 2020

  • Sean O'Toole | Photobook?

    Sean O'Toole studies the South African photobook.

    1 Sep 2020–25 Jun 2021

  • Bhavisha Panchia | Audible Traces

    Bhavisha Panchia enquires into travelling myth and the journeys of sound.

    1 Sep 2020–25 Feb 2022

  • Thoughts on the Stairs

    A theoretical communal studio that takes a chance passing on the stairwell as a prompt to ask after forms of shared architecture.

    12 May–23 Jun 2020

  • Co-creative Learning

    Developing learning methods and materials for South African schools.

    2 Apr 2020–20 Aug 2021

  • Ernest Mancoba Symposium: A dialogue on his art and words

    A symposium brings experts from Denmark, the USA, France and South Africa together to talk about the work and life of Ernest Mancoba in recognition of the critical evaluation that his contribution to the canon demands.

    11 Feb 2020

  • AVA Archive

    A4 supports the AVA in building digital access to its archive.

    1 Jul 2019–31 Mar 2023

  • Where is the Curatorial?

    A conversation between curators, writers and artists that explores sites of curatorial practise, invention and experimentation.

    29 Nov 2018

  • Afro-futurish

    An academic colloquium explores African speculative fiction.

    10 Aug 2018

  • Goldblatt: A Documentary

    A documentary film on the life and work of David Goldblatt.

    29 Jul 2018

  • Dream Works

    An exploratory exchange in anticipation of Dream Works, a project planned for 2019 in Bergen, Norway.

    7 Apr 2018

  • African Centre for Cities | City Research Studio 2018

    African Centre for Cities (ACC) teaches a Masters/MPhil degree in Southern Urbanism.

    1 Apr–16 May 2018

  • Integration Syndicate

    A series of nine monthly episodes explore obstacles and solutions to social-spatial integration in the Cape Town metropolitan region.

    1 Apr–1 Dec 2017

  • Gladys’ House

    A workshop in NY1, Guguletu, coordinated by Kemang Wa Lehulere, explores possible futures for the house of Gladys Mgudlandlu.

    12 Mar 2016

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