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Sacred pronouncements
Maker Sumayya Vally Shared by Sumayya Vally Date shared 13 April 2022 Projects

"In Islam, there is not a formal process of consecration and deconsecration as it exists in Christianity or Judaism. You simply say, 'This is a sacred place', and then it becomes a sacred place. Once you say that, there is no way to undo it, the place is forever sacred. Sacredness is not tied to an object in the space, it is about a set of ritual acts which take place within a space. In the images of the roadside mosques, I see a manifestation of this declaration of a sacred boundary and a niche, which points towards Mecca."
– Sumayya Vally

Nolan Oswald Dennis joins Sumayya Vally in conversation, sharing his work garden for fanon (2021) as a conceptual fulcrum in thinking through themes of ritual and care in Customs.