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Process photograph from the making of Daniel Zimbler's documentary on David Goldblatt that shows a hand holding a photographic contact sheet.
Process: A contact sheet in David Goldblatt’s study, Johannesburg. Still from the documentary film on the life and work of David Goldblatt, directed by Daniel Zimbler, July 29, 2018. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Event photograph from ‘How we listen determines what we hear,’ a conversation between Bhavisha Panchia and Josh Ginsburg, in A4’s Gallery. On the left, Panchia and Ginsburg are seated on the gallery floor. On the right, audio equipment installed for the ‘Sounding the Void, Imaging the Orchestra V.1’ exhibition.
Conversation: Bhavisha Panchia’s How We Listen Determines What We Hear, August 15, 2019. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.