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Surplus-building machine
Shared by Sean O'Toole Date shared 5 May 2022 Projects Source Conversation

"The hardest thing for me as a curator was to narrativise the contemporary period and the emergence of a vibrant and robust art market. From roughly 1995 onwards, the Internet hovers – the surplus-building machine. The photobook had to contend with the sudden surplus of images primed by a voracious economic market that happened in tandem with the Internet; a dyke had ruptured, its pictures everywhere. It's become clear that contemporary photobooks are seldom projects of bookmaking but rather a figuring-out of how to answer – and be allied to – exhibition projects as catalogues of sorts."
– Sean O'Toole

Invited practitioners join Sean O'Toole for the official Photo book! Photo-book! Photobook marathon event, a two-day endurance exercise.