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Spatial ideas
Maker Josh Ginsburg Shared by Josh Ginsburg Date shared 15 September 2022 Projects Source Conversation

"Exhibitions spatialise ideas. When one has the chance to make one, especially in a collaborative way, ideas emerge in dialogue. To see them located, distilled, or contained while interacting with other ideas is pleasurable. We get too familiar with our ways of being. The ambition is to bring someone else in and see how we can extend or expand upon an ongoing enquiry. In simple terms, this project has been an enquiry into how ideas traverse time and the vessels they traverse in. We are curious about how these ideas can open up."
– Josh Ginsburg

Nick Axel joins Sumayya Vally and Josh Ginsburg in conversation, exploring ways of imaging the past, activating rituals that continue to serve, and reframing the exhibition as a walking practice.