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Haunting dogs
Shared by Jo Ractliffe Date shared 5 May 2022 Projects Source Conversation

"Kapuściński wrote an account of the dogs left behind by the Portuguese, who roamed the city and were fed ration by the soldiers until they left. One day the dogs disappeared. He wondered if perhaps a charismatic leader had emerged from their ranks and led them away. At that time in the 1980s, I was struggling with my work – photographing what a friend called ‘blandscapes’. So I started making these photomontages. Dogs were a trope; they weren’t anything new, but they were always around when I was taking pictures. There was a photograph I took in Crossroads, of a white dog slinking through the rubbish. We looked at each other and that’s when dogs entered the Nadir series."
– Jo Ractliffe

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