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Sara de Beer

Artworks and keywords, Risk curated by Josh Ginsburg, November 28, 2019–January 9, 2020. – November 24, 2023

Document, portrait, confront, travel, suspicion, margin, social-topography, observe, wild.
DIY, market, readymade, faith, museum, exchange, currency, biography, global, convention, nomad.
Time, figure, land-memory, body, vulnerable, beauty, spice, myth, consumption, colonial, absence.
Installation photograph from the ‘Risk’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. In the middle Igshaan Adams’ untitled fabric installation is suspended from the ceiling with lights partially visible through the fabric.
Ritual, liminal, family, push and pull, mystic, exchange, boundary, quiet, question, belief, home.
An installation photograph shows John Akomfrah’s three-channel video installation ‘Four Nocturnes’ projected onto three large screens.
Historical introspection, archive, environment, Black Audio Film Collective, tension, Anthropocene, persecution, migration, diaspora, Commander of the British Empire, expanded cinema.
Installation photograph from the ‘Risk’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. In the middle Jane Alexander’s sculpture ‘Security Bird’ stands on a found TNT explosive box.
Residue, white, bones, silence, beast, pity, disfigure, colonial, hybrid, spirit, land, trouble, security, faith.
Art Vital: No fixed living place, permanent movement, direct contact, local relation, self-selection, passing limitations, taking risks, mobile energy.Ulaypolaroids, co-dependence, gender, performance, participation, audience, patience.Marina Abramovićbody-art, limits, endurance, gender, sacrifice, audience, celebrity, blood, ritual, mind.
A photograph of Lucas Sithole’s bronze sculpture of a mother holding a child.
Head, mythology, being, story, legend, wild, form, preacher, tools, snake, carve, wit.
Installation photograph from the ‘Risk’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. In the middle, Kendell Geers’ chevron danger tape and found object sculpture ‘Twilight of the Idols’ sits on a plinth.
Exile, fountain, humour, edit, pun, sign, subvert.
Humanity, exile, illusive, Modernism, carve, salvation, delicate, subtle, line, abstract, colour.
Installation photograph from the ‘Risk’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the left, Gimberg Nerf’s mixed media installation ‘Escape to Robin Island’ sits on the floor, tilted by a suspension rope attached to the ceiling.
Escape, mythology, archive, composite, invent, provoke, collaborate, believe.
Readymade, metaphor, conflict, media, language, encounter, hybrid, open.
An installation photograph shows Carrie Mae Weems’ photographic diptych mounted on a white wall.
Question, ritual, protest, core, stir, reverie, focus, power, fabric, grace, absence, trope, mirth, dance.