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Jonah Sack
Residency 26–28 February 2019
Process photograph from Jonah Sack’s residency on A4’s top floor. Small photographs and irregularly shaped paintings are mounted on spindly wooden stands in a cardboard enclosure.
Process: Jonah Sack’s residency, February 26–28, 2019.
Title Jonah Sack Dates 26–28 February 2019 Location Top Floor Tagline A residency in preparation for presentation at The Centre For the Less Good Idea. Credits

Jonah Sack

Jonah Sack uses his time in residence at A4 to prepare for his contribution to The Centre for the Less Good Idea. The artist will travel to Johannesburg to the Centre almost directly upon the completion of his time at A4. Sack is interested in seeing what experiments may arise in his practice – works that emerge from drawing – when working outside of his studio, using A4’s site as a workshop for material investigations.