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Exhibition 6–27 August 2022
Digital poster from the ‘Social' exhibition in A4’s Goods project space. A collage of posters from curator Khanya Mashabela’s archive of artist-initiated projects.
Ephemera: Social curated by Khanya Mashabela, August 6, 2022–August 27, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Social Dates 6–27 August 2022 Location Goods Tagline Creating a free-to-public, online archive of Cape Town’s independent arts ecology through an open call to practitioners to submit digital and printed material.
Curator Khanya Mashabela

“Alongside Cape Town’s more formalised network of commercial galleries and institutions is a dynamic history of artist-initiated projects. Collaborative processes create independent spaces, exhibitions, events, and publications which are often momentary, but which have the potential to bloom into long-lasting, generative relationships. Though these projects live within the memory of the city’s art ecosystem, they remain largely unaccounted for. These projects are often under-resourced and set in innocuous spaces, but they resonate with communities and expand the field of what contemporary art can be. Social is an invitation to gather and contribute to a visual archive of posters, physical and digital flyers, installation photographs, exhibition texts, and zines made in support of artist initiatives. The presentation’s initial location in Goods is reflective of the space as a figurative and literal pathway into A4, for accessing the archive and the ecology that it represents.”
– Khanya Mashabela, curator