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Risk in Writing
Publication 10 December 2019–10 February 2023
Installation photograph from the ‘Risk’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the left, Pieter Hugo’s photographic series ‘The Journey’. At the back, the exhibition text reads ‘Risk is a show about vulnerability and possibility.’ On the right, a staircase leads up to the gallery.
Installation view: Risk curated by Josh Ginsburg, November 28, 2019–January 9, 2020. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Risk in Writing Dates 10 December 2019–10 February 2023 Tagline Risk in Writing is an anthology of essays, poetry and music that takes the exhibition Risk as a prompt. Credits

Sara de Beer

Book Design:
Ben Johnson

Derek Gripper
Anna Hartford
Siphokazi Jonas
Bongani Kona
Bill Nasson
Kathryn Smith
Toni Stuart
Hedley Twidle

The exhibition Risk at A4 Arts Foundation (November 30, 2019–January 9, 2020) chose to show itself with very few words. "Risk is a show about vulnerability and possibility," read the slim tagline.

Risk in Writing asks eight contributors to bring language to the notion of risk, using the show as a prompt. Anna Hartford, Bill Nasson, Bongani Kona, Hedley Twidle, Kathryn Smith, Siphokazi Jonas and Toni Stuart contribute written and spoken word, and Derek Gripper writes a musical score.