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Girls in the Woods
Exhibition 19 November–3 December 2022
Installation photograph of Dominique Cheminais’ residency in A4’s Goods project space. A detail of a painted mural on a blue wall shows a flailing humanoid figure adjacent to the air vent.
Installation view: Dominique Cheminais’ Girls in the Woods, November 19, 2022–December 3, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Girls in the Woods Dates 19 November–3 December 2022 Location Goods Tagline Dominique Cheminais works directly onto the walls of Goods. Credits

Dominique Cheminais

Dominique Cheminais takes up residence in Goods on the occasion of the launch of The Windmill, the second book in her Many Shallows series. The Windmill offers a fictionalised account of the life of Milena Jesenská, Franz Kafka’s second great love. Central to the narrative is the potential for metamorphosis. Dom is practised at shifting shape. Recently, she has reassumed the role of painter – her head is flung back, ponytail whipping, as she paints upon the ceiling; with chalk in hand, she advances with the physicality of a ballet dancer across Goods’ signature blue walls. But Dom is the writer, first, of these gangling legs, whose third breasts and four-fingered hands she authors into being. Accompanying her in Goods is the character she has created of herself, performed with wit and dexterity in a high-gloss finish. Her artist husband, Zander Blom, plays the role of her assistant. Sitting on the ground, he cuts up paint swatches and labels her bottles. A4’s team members take turns pushing her scissor lift back and forth.

Process: Dominique Cheminais’ Girls in the Woods, a residency and exhibition, November 19–December 3, 2022. Image courtesy of Tabitha Guy.