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Picture Theory Index
Publication 25 October 2018
Publication: Bad Paper, Picture Theory Index (2018). Printed matter for Picture Theory curated by Josh Ginsburg, October 25, 2018–January 24, 2019. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Picture Theory Index Dates 25 October 2018 Tagline The Picture Theory Index affords visitors data on the works included in the exhibition. Credits

Design and production:
Bad Paper

Photographic documentation:
Kyle Morland

Portrait of David Goldblatt:
David Southwood

Goldblatt insisted on text captions alongside his photographs. For Picture Theory, however, it was necessary to find an alternative format for the captions that would allow the photographs some independence in the exhibition environment while not compromising the importance of these descriptions to his work.

The Index allows for cross-referencing to the essays and books produced by Goldblatt in which the photographs feature.

Developed in collaboration with Bad Paper, The Picture Theory Index is available to view on request in our Library.