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If I Can't Dance It's Not My Revolution
Exhibition 13 February–7 May 2019
A still frame from Clement Cogitore’s video work ‘Les Andes Galantes’ depicts Krump dancers moving to music from Jean Phillips Rameau’s titular opéra-ballet.
Artwork Detail: Clément Cogitore, Les Indes Galantes (2018). Video, sound. 5 min 47 sec. Courtesy of Clément Cogitore and Eva Hober Gallery.
Title If I Can't Dance It's Not My Revolution Dates 13 February–7 May 2019 Location 1st Floor Tagline A collection of moving pictures by Rashaad Newsome, Clement Cogitore, and Broomberg & Chanarin.

Presented sequentially in A4's video room over a three-month period, the selected films are an associative response to the provocation by the political activist and writer Emma Goldman (1869–1940): "If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution".

The films witness forms, dance, movement and dialogue. The selection is a query into the multifarious ways in which art and activism intersect, dealing with such disparate starting points as a Nintendo Wii controller, an 18th-century opera, and army cadets; all of which move towards a consideration of how dance and movement can embody or represent activism. 

Screening Schedule:

13–02 / 13–03
Rashaad Newsome
Shade Compositions SFMOMA, 2012
(27 min)

14–03 / 10–04
Clement Cogitore 
Les Indes Galantes, 2018
(5 min 47 sec)

11–04 / 08–05
Broomberg & Chanarin
Rudiments, 2015 
(11 min 58 sec)

Installation photograph from Dan Perjovschi’s ‘The Black and White Cape Town Report’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the left, the video room entrance is painted black with white vinyl credits for the ‘If I Can’t Dance It’s Not My Revolution’ video collection by Rashaad Newsome, Clement Cogitore, and Bloomberg & Chanarin. On the right, the white gallery wall features black felt marker drawings with phrases like ‘DA DA’ and ‘Problems’.
Installation view: Dan Perjovschi’s Black & White Cape Town Report, February 13, 2019–May 9, 2019. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.