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Under Projects x A4, Booth 14 | Wayfinder
Publication 16–19 February 2023
Photograph of the wayfinder publication for Under Projects x A4, Booth 14 curated by Mitchell Gilbert Messina, Luca Evans, Brett Charles Seiler and Guy Simpson at the 2023 Investec Cape Town Art Fair.
Wayfinder: Under Projects x A4, Booth 14 at the 2023 Investec Cape Town Art Fair, January 25, 2023–February 19, 2023. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Under Projects x A4, Booth 14 | Wayfinder Dates 16–19 February 2023 Tagline Find your way through the exhibition. Credits

Ben Johnson

Illustrations and writing:
Mitchell Gilbert Messina

Writing support:
Luca Evans
Brett Seiler
Guy Simpson

Sara de Beer

Editing support:
Lucienne Bestall
Lily van Rensburg

Under Projects is an artist-run project space for exhibitions and exercises co-founded by Brett Seiler, Guy Simpson, Luca Evans, and Mitchell Gilbert Messina. For the 2023 Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Under is invited to inhabit A4's booth. Culminating in a public-facing survey, the preparation as well as the days spent in the fair booth offer time and space for Under to process their archive with the support of A4's curatorial studio.

At the Fair, Under continues their ‘Donation Boards’ strategy – these boards, displayed at Under (79 Roeland Street), feature the name of each individual who has donated to the project, however large or small the contribution. The Boards are material artefacts of the crowd-sourcing model that Under employs to cover its running costs: the arts community and public donate to Under, investing in its well-being, thereby becoming patrons of Under’s experimental trajectory.

To a degree, there’s a pitch happening in this booth. There was an increasing cynicism, I felt, amongst fellow artists (and in the community) about making and sticking to an experimental trajectory.
– Mitchell Gilbert Messina, co-founder of Under, in conversation towards Under x A4 at the Fair, A4 Wayfinder

An aside: While Under prototyped strategies towards the Art Fair booth, they constructed a model booth to work inside of (from cardboard, to scale) at A4. When Under’s booth was constructed in A4’s place on-site at the Fair, this model booth was installed at Under’s premises.