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David Shrigley
Proto 10 September 2022
Event photograph from the launch of David Shirley’s ‘Inflatable swan thing’ in A4’s Proto~ museum shop. A white plastic inflatable swan-like creature floats in a blue inflatable children’s swimming pool.
Launch: David Shrigley’s Inflatable swan thing, September 10, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title David Shrigley Dates 10 September 2022 Location Proto Tagline Proto presents a selection of David Shrigley’s singularly peculiar objects.

Proto stages a product launch of David Shrigley's merchandise, including the artist's cocaine-and-heroine salt-and-pepper shakers, 'ridiculous swan thing' pool float, and 'I went out for a bit' tote bag.
Known for his off-beat humour and childlike drawings, David Shrigley pairs blatant absurdity with unexpected sincerity. Deadly donkeys, social anxiety, aliens, bad parents, and ugly children – all manner of themes and characters populate his drawings and sculptures. To these, he pairs misplaced inspirational quotes, rebukes, and simple facts: "Do not touch the worms"; "Cat eats cat food"; "You can have everything you want"; "Ants have sex in your beer."