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Tau Tavengwa and Edgar Pieterse | The Box
Residency 5–20 December 2023
Process: Map of urban initiatives, Box 1 / Emergence. Image courtesy of Cityscapes.
Title Tau Tavengwa and Edgar Pieterse | The Box Dates 5–20 December 2023 Location Reading Room Tagline Tau Tavenga and Edgar Pieterse consolidate the contents and prototype the form of The Box.

The Box is an innovative tool, intended to support "built environment professionals, activists, organisers, educators, enthusiasts, and policymakers" who are working to improve urban environments for their communities.

Materials – including posters, pocket-sized books, an issue of Cityscapes magazine, case study folios, a vinyl record, a deck of informational cards, and a board game – are contained in a sturdy but affordable box which is easily disseminated. The contents of the Box can be displayed as a small exhibition, and deployed as teaching aids and as tools for serious play. The aim is to prompt users to generate practical solutions to the problems faced by urban communities.