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Urban Astronomy in Four Parts
Publication 8 November 2019
Photograph of ‘Urban Astronomy in Four Parts,’ a zine by Sukuma Mkhize from his residency at A4. The blue cover reads ‘Urban Astronomy in Four Parts, Sukuma Mkhize, June - July 2019, A4 ARTS FOUNDATION.’
Publication: Sukuma Mkhize Urban Astronomy in Four Parts (2019). Zine produced during Mkhize’s residency.
Title Urban Astronomy in Four Parts Dates 8 November 2019 Tagline Urban Astronomy in Four Parts is a zine by Sukuma Mkhize. Credits

Sukuma Mkhize

Kyle Morland
Jared Ginsburg

A4 Press

Sukuma Mkhize works at the intersection of art and astronomy. During his time as artist in residence at A4 Arts, Mkhize holds conversations with creators in the fields of geometry, astrophysics, and sound. The zine, titled Urban Astronomy in Four Parts, is a record of these conversations and includes Mkhize's brown paper sketches and musings.