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Anthea Moys
Residency 26–29 March 2018
Process image from Anthea Moys’ residency on A4’s top floor. A scanned view of a 2 page spread from Moys’ notebook ‘FourdayswithA4’ shows a collage of texts, photographs and drawings.
Artwork detail: Anthea Moys, Get out of your own way (2018). Artist book. Courtesy of the artist.
Title Anthea Moys Dates 26–29 March 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline Artist in residence Anthea Moys. Credits

heeten bhagat

Anthea Moys spends the four days of her residency reflecting on "a whirlwind of recent travels and challenging experiences," journeying into "unknown, unexplored and sometimes vulnerable territory: for reflection and for ‘not-doing’." Moys frames her time under the heading Get Out of Your Own Way and produces a notebook called FourdayswithA4 over the period.

Anthea is an artist, teacher, play facilitator, lifelong learner, runner and bad singer who started an experimental choir. Anthea wears many hats, but her main interest lies in designing informal and experimental social experiences where people can connect, create and play.

In 2008, she completed her Masters at Wits with a focus on play and performance in public space. In 2013, she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art (inaugural), where she created her “Vs.” series, which embraced failure and reimagined winning as the act of learning itself. She has travelled widely as an artist and play facilitator.

At the time of her residency, Anthea was a practice-led PhD candidate at Northumbria University in Newcastle with a specific focus on sport, play and contemporary performance, looking at the games people play in the Global North vs the Global South. Anthea lives, learns, works and plays (for the most part) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ephemera from Anthea Moys’ residency on A4’s top floor. A photograph depicts an individual standing on giant lego pieces in a park.
Ephemera: Anthea Moys’ residency at Lego Foundation, Billund, Denmark, 2018.