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Mitchell Gilbert Messina
Residency 1 June–25 August 2023
Installation photograph from Mitchell Gilbert Messina's residency in A4 Art Foundation. In the middle, two tables wrapped in brown paper holds pieces of cardboard and various electronic tools and components. At the back, the walls lined with pieces of cardboard that host pinned research notes.
Installation view: Mitchell Gilbert Messina’s residency, June 1, 2023–August 25, 2023. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Mitchell Gilbert Messina Dates 1 June–25 August 2023 Location Reading Room Tagline Things That Move: research in the Reading Room towards a possible Gallery exhibition.
Curator Mitchell Gilbert Messina

Curators at A4 will sometimes take-over project spaces (where Goods or the Reading Room may stand fallow between exhibitions or events) for material research inquiries or to prototype exhibition strategies.

Mitchell Gilbert Messina utilised the Reading Room for research towards a possible exhibition in the Gallery, working titled: Things That Move.