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Mbali Dhlamini
Residency 1–5 October 2015
Process photograph from ‘Extracting Colour’, Mbali Dhlamini’s offsite residency. A brickwork building features three flagpoles, with flags in yellow, blue and red respectively.
Artwork: Mbali Dhlamini, Apostolic church flags, Mapetla, Soweto. Johannesburg. 2015 (2015). Photographic print. Courtesy of the artist.
Title Mbali Dhlamini Dates 1–5 October 2015 Location Offsite Tagline Artist in residence Mbali Dhlamini. Credits

francis burger

Extracting Colour follows on Mbali Dhlamini's creative research into the use of colour within Apostolic and Zionist congregations in Soweto towards Dhlamini's MA at Wits University.

As part of her study into church uniforms and their symbolism, Dhlamini began investigating the use of colour in other South African cultural practices and the etymologies of colour terminology within Nguni languages.

Dhlamini provides critical insights into the signification of colour and the histories thereof in a South African context. The research furthers discussions of translation and assesses the impact of colonial interpretation in present-day terminologies and understandings.