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Jabulani Dhlamini
Residency 12 November–3 December 2018
Photograph from Jabulani Dhlamini’s residency on A4’s top floor. At the front, ’Sharpville Kite’ depicts a child sitting on a cement boundary marker flying a kite. At the back, an empty field stretches to the horizon with some houses visible on the right.
Image courtesy of Jabulani Dhlamini.
Title Jabulani Dhlamini Dates 12 November–3 December 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline Artist in residence Jabulani Dhlamini.

Jabulani Dhlamini was born in Warden, Free State, in 1983. He majored in documentary photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, where he now lives. Dhlamini was the recipient of the Edward Ruiz Mentorship for 2011/12.

Dhlamini’s work is concerned with youth and education (he teaches photography and mentors young art makers), the dissonance between childhood eyes and adult ways of seeing, and bringing the historical into the present through his view of contemporary South Africa.