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Strategically Strange
Publication 17–18 November 2016
Publication detail: Bonolo Kavula, Strategically Strange (2016). Illustrated publication. Courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Strategically Strange Dates 17–18 November 2016 Location Ground Floor Tagline Bonolo Kavula’s illustrated engagement with the Black Portraiture conference in Johannesburg. Credits

francis burger

The Black Portraiture[s] III conference at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg brings together artists, scholars, writers, activists, art institutions and culture practitioners from the US, Africa and the African diaspora in South Africa to dialogue, exhibit films, and engage with an academic prognosis of where Universal Blackness is today. The conference and its ambitions become the central subject in Bonolo Kavula's Strategically Strange, which blends critical commentary, comedy, and illustration.