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CUSS at Berlin Biennale
Mesh 4 June–9 September 2016
Photograph from the CUSS Group’s booth at the 2016 Berlin Biennale. On the left, printed matter is displayed on a wall mounted shelf, with the wall painted in two different shades of orange. At the back, a wall mounted screen and a screen sitting on the floor below it display video material, with the wall similarly painted. On the right, a cash ’n carry display case sits in front of a bare wood panelled wall. In the middle, a wooden pallet with a black plastic crate.
Artwork: CUSS Group in collaboration with ANGEL-HO, FAKA, Megan Mace, NTU, Nguni Arts International (2016). Installation. Dimensions variable. Image courtesy of Timo Ohler.
Title CUSS at Berlin Biennale Dates 4 June–9 September 2016 Location Offsite Tagline A4 supports the CUSS Group to participate in the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Credits

Cuss Group:
Zamani Xolo
Ravi Govender
Jamal Nxedlana

The CUSS Group is a multimedia artist collective and publisher. Their installation at the 2016 Berlin Bienalle samples South African historical and contemporary cultural material, from glossy lifestyle magazines and promotional merchandise to store-front displays and security facades. In addition to these cultural quotations, the installation functions as a curatorial platform and hosts cultural actors from Johannesburg to Cape Town: Angel-ho (Angelo Antonio Valerio), Faka (Thato Ramaisa & Buyani Duma), NTU (Tabita Rezaire, Bogosi Sekhukhuni & Nolan Oswald Dennis), and Megan Mace.