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The Future Is Behind Us | Wayfinder
Publication 17 December 2022–19 April 2023
Photograph of the wayfinder publication for The Future is Behind Us, curated by Josh Ginsburg in A4 Arts Foundation's Gallery.
Wayfinder: The Future Is Behind Us curated by Josh Ginsburg, December 17, 2022–April 19, 2023. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title The Future Is Behind Us | Wayfinder Dates 17 December 2022–19 April 2023 Tagline Find your way through the exhibition. Credits

Ben Johnson

Lucienne Bestall
Sara de Beer
Lily van Rensburg

Sara de Beer

"What you see in front of you, is the past. You cannot see the future," Tarik Yildirim said one evening over dinner. "The future is behind us." The exhibition gathers artworks to think about time: vertical time of ideas passing from one generation to the next; from one place to another; time at a human scale of a single life lived; deep time of soil and season; time as sound; time as pause; time that turns space into place.

The Future Is Behind Us marks ten cities and 22 years of James Webb's Prayer (2000–). This is the first time that the prayers from all ten cities will be played together.