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SPOOR by Roger Palmer
Event 19 September 2019
Photograph from Roger Palmer’s photo-book ‘SPOOR,’ launched on A4’s ground floor. In the middle, a railway runs off into the horizon, covered in smoke from a burning field on the lefthand side. A human figure is partially visible in the smoke.
Image courtesy of Roger Palmer.
Title SPOOR by Roger Palmer Dates 19 September 2019 Location Ground Floor Tagline The launch of SPOOR by Roger Palmer, with a conversation between the author and Michael Godby. Credits

Clarke's Bookshop

Roger Palmer
Michael Godby

SPOOR comprises groups of colour photographs made by Roger Palmer while following rail routes between the towns and settlements of South Africa. The photographs were accumulated between 2014 and 2018 as Palmer drove along mostly minor roads through the country’s nine provinces. SPOOR is published by Gost Books.