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Gitte Möller
Proto 17 December 2022
Process: Gitte Möller's Your heaven is in my eyes lamp in Proto. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Gitte Möller Dates 17 December 2022 Location Proto Tagline Proto presents a limited series of lamps by Gitte Möller.

In collaboration with Proto, Gitte Möller presents Your heaven is in my eyes, a series of lamps that are at once functional objects and discrete artworks. Each comprises glass panels with illustrations of the four seasons in a style reminiscent of both gothic arabesques and 90s video-game graphics. Within these illustrations, signs and symbols drawn from religious painting, dream symbology, and online fan art possess a secretive and shrine-like quality. Illuminated at night, Your heaven is in my eyes becomes a glowing portal to a celestial realm – a dream landscape of the artist’s imagining. Framed and wired by Cape Town-based furniture designer Philip Kramer, Gitte’s lamps pair childhood nostalgia with early-internet aesthetics.