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A Little After This
Exhibition 16 December 2023–12 April 2024
Installation photograph from the 'A Little After This' exhibition in A4 Arts Foundation's gallery that shows Alex Da Corte's video installation 'ROY G BIV'. At the back, a large red wooden box with a back-projected screen plays Da Corte's video. At the front, 7 red powder-coated viewing chairs are arranged in an arch.
Installation view: A Little After This, December 16, 2023–April 12, 2024. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title A Little After This Dates 16 December 2023–12 April 2024 Location Gallery Tagline An exhibition about thresholds and inheritances. Credits

Alex Da Corte
Ane Hjort Guttu
Colin Richards
Gerard Sekoto
Kathryn Smith
Lucas Sithole
Moshekwa Langa
Penny Siopis
Portia Zvavahera
Shilpa Gupta
Yoko Ono

Exhibition designer: Kyle Morland
Exhibition producer and Will digital archive: Janos Cserhati

Extract from ‘Drawing the Line’: a walkabout of the exhibition, A Little After This, with Josh Ginsburg (J.G.) and Penny Siopis (P.S.):

J.G. We didn’t set out to make an exhibition about inheritances, thresholds, and grief. It began with a will to do something with you, Penny, inspired, in some part, by seeing Will again at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Almost immediately, you began inviting other voices into the conversation. 

One thing led to another – a work to another work, another relationship, and perspective. We found ourselves, through an ongoing conversation, following along this improvisatory line… The title of the exhibition only emerged very much later, as the title of Colin Richards’ work, A Little After This

P.S. It’s a beautiful title and keeps becoming relevant in so many ways. As we continued our conversation, once we had the title in hand, we figured, OK, well, what is This? Well, This, demonstrative in language, is something you point to. In the event that the thing is not physically present, this can be a way to introduce narrative. What is a Little After? Everything that is after, is also now, and now also marks before, and before points to the future. This, this title, the way it emerged, speaks to the continuation of its emergence. 

A Little After This brings together artworks by Alex Da Corte; Shilpa Gupta; Ane Hjort Guttu; Moshekwa Langa; Yoko Ono; Colin Richards; Gerard Sekoto; Kathryn Smith; Penny Siopis; Lucas Sithole; and Portia Zvavahera.