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Ikhonoclast Zine
Publication 26–28 September 2019
Publication: Ikhonoclast Zine (2019). Produced in conversation with Sir Professor Zanele Muholi's Ikhono LaseNatali, August 31, 2019–November 7, 2019. Courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Ikhonoclast Zine Dates 26–28 September 2019 Tagline A4 engages young writers to participate in making a zine that takes as subject Sir Professor Zanele Muholi’s project Ikhono LaseNatali. Credits

Lucienne Bestall
Ian Mangena
Kgosi Motsoane
Tshetsana Ngidi
Zahra Abba Omar
Rowallan Vorster

heeten bhagat

Over a two-day workshop, six writers engage in a series of inquiries, conversations and exchanges that consider Sir Professor Zanele Muholi's exhibition Ikhono LaseNatali, then on view in A4's gallery. Working with and against the vagaries of arts writing, they explore the associated peripheries the exhibition proposed. The resulting texts, compiled in a zine, both document Ikhono LaseNatali and evidence the investigations that were in play.

Six fragments from six writers:

"Mr Scholar, can you uncode the dialect / Of the burnt tongue?"
– RV

"There are voices I have silenced. There are histories I have distanced."
– IM

"I try my best not to have boring politics, at the risk of making contrarianism my identity, of coming off as a moralist."

"The implied unsaid: there will be no power here."
– LB

"A series of provisional gestures, a dialogue of uncertain subject."
– TN

"A lion and all its faces: an allegory."
– KM

The collected writings – diagrams, poems, essays and notes – read as a call and response between the legibility of language and its defiant opacity.