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NRNA launch
Event 2 August 2018
Artwork photograph from NRNA’s launch of their EP ‘Kalahari Elegy’ on A4’s top floor. On the left, the vinyl cover features a dark monochromatic photograph of a musician playing a string instrument, overlaid with the ensemble’s name in white. On the right, the white vinyl record with a black centre.
Artwork: NRNA, Kalahari Elegy (2018). Vinyl EP, released by Bad Paper Music.
Title NRNA launch Dates 2 August 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline 4-piece noise ensemble NRNA launch their new EP Kalahari Elegy. Credits

Bad Paper
francis burger

Dylan T. Graham (electric guitar)
Justin Allart (electronics and devices)
Jacob van Schalkwyk (voice)

NRNA (Never Read the News Alone) launch their new EP at A4 with a live performance. The record, released through Bad Paper Music (BPM) as a limited edition of 20, is lathe cut on white vinyl.