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Lunar Maria Chorus
Exhibition 16–30 July 2022
Installation photograph from the ‘Lunar Maria Chorus’ exhibition in A4’s Goods project space. On the left, a black box on a blue plinth displays a video of the moon rotating. On the right, a curtain of white gauze.
Installation view: Amakaba’s Lunar Maria Chorus curated by Nkhensani Mkhari, July 16, 2022–July 30, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Lunar Maria Chorus Dates 16–30 July 2022 Location Goods Tagline A listening exhibition of Amakaba’s Lunar Maria Chorus, a series of sonic compositions influenced by the relationship between the Moon and its seas.
Curator Nkhensani Mkhari

Composers/Artists for Amakaba’s Lunar Maria Chorus:
Yussef Agbo-Ola
Julien Creuzet
Nolan Oswald Dennis
Fela Gucci
Robert Machiri and Memory Biwa
Elsa M’Bala
Jenny Mbaye
Aisha Mirza and Mahta Hassanzadeh
Liz Mputu
Tabita Rezaire
Justine Shivay
Bongosi Sekhukhuni

Described as ‘a centre for the wisdom of the Earth, the body and sky’ in the Amazonian rainforest of French Guiana, Amakaba’s vision of collective healing is rooted in honouring the forest and preserving its wealth. For Amakaba, this practice is intimately connected to the Moon and lunar cycles – of birth and rebirth – that support natural forms of agriculture, including cacao and medicinal plants. Creating The Moon Center through Amakaba to honour meditation and yogic practices rooted in spirituality and connection, as well as womb health, Tabita Rezaire invited her friends to create sonic offerings to the Moon under the title Lunar Maria Chorus. This title honours the oceanic tides produced by the Moon’s gravitational pull, while referencing the lunar maria – ‘moon seas’ of solidified lava, which cover areas of the Moon in dark swathes of basalt. The Moon Center acknowledges the Moon as the focal point of cultural rites and scientific understanding since the beginning of human history. Amakaba and The Moon Center seek to learn from multiple knowledge systems, expanding decolonial discourses about the Earth’s ecology. 

Recently remastered, this sharing of the project in Goods continues a conversation between A4’s assistant curator Nkhensani Mkhari and Tabita Rezaire. Nkhensani has previously shared the sonic work of Amakaba’s Moon Center at the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival in 2020, and again in 2021 at the Overkill Festival. In Goods, Lunar Maria Chorus evokes lunar and oceanic time, slowing the rapid flow and quick iteration that characterises the project space and its formal function as a Goods entrance. To the distinctive blue walls is added blue light, creating an immersive environment in which the curator encourages visitors to sit and bathe in the wisdoms and rhythms of the Moon and water.