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Sumayya Vally
Residency 9–14 November 2020
Process photograph from Sumayya Vally’s residency at A4. Sumayya arranges photocopies of archival material on a cork floor.
Process: Artist in residence Sumayya Vally begins to build an archive atlas on A4’s office floor, November 9–14, 2020. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Sumayya Vally Dates 9–14 November 2020 Location Resident's Studio Tagline Architect Sumayya Vally joins A4 for a brief residency to investigate sites and spaces for future interaction.

Continuing in her investigation of sites as archives, Sumayya Vally visits A4 for the week of 6–14 November. Parades, carnivals, and the intersection between ephemeral performance work and architectural practice are at the centre of the brief sojourn; an opportunity to prototype future projects. Vally’s interdisciplinary practice is expressed through the lens of architecture and invites conversations about hegemony and dominance by pulling and pushing at the centre through site-specific installations. Locating lost spaces of exchange – closed factories, corner stores, places of informal gathering as celebration – Vally re-locates the memories of communities that have been marginalised, lent a place only at the periphery. The week provides prompts for future engagements, and to further develop a network of practitioners, scholars and community members in Cape Town.