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Unathi Mkonto
Residency 29 January–28 February 2018
Process photograph from Unathi Mkonto’s residency on A4’s top floor. At the front, a small paper exhibition mockup sits on a wooden table. At the back, process drawings line the wall.
Process: Unathi Mkonto’s Wearables, February 24, 2018. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Unathi Mkonto Dates 29 January–28 February 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline Artist in residence Unathi Mkonto. Credits

francis burger

Unathi Mkonto's residency at A4 coincides with the exhibition More For Less. AVOID, an installation of soft sculptures, takes place in the Reading Room and is accompanied by an artist-led workshop in which participants design 'wearable' artworks.

A multidisciplinary artist who works between textile and architecture, Unathi Mkonto was born in Peddie, Eastern Cape, and is now based in Cape Town. He studied architecture at Nelson Mandela University (then Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) and later trained in fashion.