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Moving Images | Cape Town Art Fair 2019
Exhibition 14–17 February 2019
Event photograph from A4’s booth at the 2019 rendition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair. In the middle, Borna Sammak’s video sculpture ‘Not Yet Titled’ lies against a large black metal booth.
Event: A4 Arts Foundation at Investec Cape Town Art Fair, February 14, 2019–February 17, 2019. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Moving Images | Cape Town Art Fair 2019 Dates 14–17 February 2019 Location Offsite Tagline A reading space and presentation of video works by Borna Sammak and Clement Cogitore. Credits

Kyle Morland

Sets & Devices

A4 Arts Foundation presents two video works of differing material outcomes to encourage engagement on the 'matter' of the moving image. 

Clement Cogitore's piece features contemporary Krump dancers performing for camera to music written by Jean-Philippe Rameau for the Opéra-ballet Les Indes Galantes, which dates from the year 1735. A4 shows the work inside a made-for-purpose video booth.

In contrast, Borna Sammak's Not Yet Titled is staged as a video sculpture. The hyper-digital visual field, an LCD monitor, and a pink steel frame rest against the video booth and the floor.

Using these limits, participants are encouraged to explore video works with an eye on the materiality of the works displayed.

This, the first presentation by A4 at an art fair, emerged as a response to a conversation with curators from the Investec Cape Town Art Fair concerned with unstable media.

Additional works in reading space:

Albert Adams
Portrait, 1950

Neville Dubow
Untitled (Relation in Movement), 1977

Kendell Geers
Twilight of the Idols 61, 2001

Christian Nerf
Polite Force, 2001 - ongoing

Dan Perjovschi
Art is Not Fair, 2019

Cameron Platter

Berni Searle
Still, 2001