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Igshaan Adams | Open Production
Residency 18 August–12 November 2020
Process photograph from ‘Open Production’, Igshaan Adams’ hybrid studio/exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the right, a wooden bench with woven basket and scissors. On the left, a mixed media tapestry in the process of being woven is mounted on the wall.
Process: Igshaan Adams’ Open Production, August 18, 2020–November 12, 2020. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Igshaan Adams | Open Production Dates 18 August–12 November 2020 Location Gallery Tagline Igshaan Adams’ four-month residency titled Open Production transforms A4’s Gallery into a hybrid studio/exhibition environment. Credits

Artist's studio team:
Phumeza Mgwenteni
Busisa Mahlahla
Zandile Ntleko
Nocawe Jamani
Morné Roux

An enormous loom stands against one wall (the largest Igshaan Adams has yet to work on, utilising ceiling height and width of the gallery space), accompanied by the sound of beads being poured into buckets (the artist likens this process to the mixing of paint), as the strings of the loom vibrate with a music of their own.

Igshaan Adams is in the process of transforming A4's Gallery into a hybrid studio environment in which publics can interact with the process of the artist's production.

Intricate pieces adorn the walls in an arrangement of beaded verse, skeins of thread and cloth. Worn linoleum and scuffed cement salvaged from homes in Bonteheuwel and the surrounding neighbourhoods are transcribed from floor to wall through the painterly application of beads, woven into tapestries that shift the perspective on substances found underfoot. The artist calls these floor remnants 'documents': the personal maps that are, through wear and presence, inscribed upon domestic environments.

To the sculptural installations suspended from the ceiling, Adams has given the working title Kicking Dust. He moves about the studio space imparting into these wire and beaded clouds pieces treasured from previous works, as he speaks of the way dust clouds constellate, the earth dislodging and accumulating form.

"It may stay this way, or come down and become something else, completely," Adams says of the working environment, which is adapting as pieces grow and interact with visitors, neighbours, and the team on the ground. Publics are invited to share in the intimacy of the works; the patience and joy entailed in their making.

Event photograph from ‘Knots’, a conversation between Igshaan Adams and Josh Ginsburg, marking the close of ‘Open Production’, Adams’ hybrid studio/exhibition in A4’s Gallery. At the back, Adams shares a video with attendees.
Event: Knots, a conversation with Igshaan Adams, November 12, 2020. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.