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Sukuma Mkhize
Residency 10 June–31 July 2019
Ephemera from Sukuma Mkhize’s residency on A4’s top floor. A monochrome photograph shows formulas painted on a wall.
Ephemera: Sukuma Mkhize’s residency, June 10–July 31, 2019. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Sukuma Mkhize Dates 10 June–31 July 2019 Location Top Floor Tagline Artist in residence Sukuma Mkhize.

Sukuma Mkhize is an astrophysicist, tutor in mathematics and physics, published writer and radio host. For the months of June and July 2019, Mkhize is artist in residence at A4 Arts Foundation, where he explores the intersection of astronomy and art. Mkhize's work transforms fundamental ideas in physics into sound and light sculpture.