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Open studio
Event 1 December 2018
Event photograph from the ‘Open studio’ exchange on A4’s top floor that forms part of Jabulani Dhlamini and Sabelo Mlangeni’s residency. It depicts a photographic dark room, with Mlangeni standing among two other individuals, his arms raised to hold and inspect a strip of photographic negatives.
Event: Open studio, December 1, 2018. Image courtesy of Jabulani Dlamini.
Title Open studio Dates 1 December 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline Open studio with artists in residence Jabulani Dhlamini and Sabelo Mlangeni. Credits

Jabulani Dhlamini
Sabelo Mlangeni

Participating photographers:
Anele Ngoko
Sipho Mpongo
Jose Antonio
Kedibone Peace Legoale

Two Johannesburg-based photographers, Jabulani Dhlamini and Sabelo Mlangeni, explore the fine line between 'artwork' and 'photograph'. Their open-studio session takes a varied selection of images – commercial family photographs, ID photos, and street photography, together with travel snapshots. Examples are collected from in and around Cape Town along a timeline that reaches from the 1960s to the present day. What the images have in common is that the people behind the cameras did not necessarily declare themselves as 'artist' in the act of taking the photograph.

This sparks questions: What makes a photograph a valuable object beyond the personal memory? Why is it important to build an archive of images that are of ordinary moments and not purposefully configured for the gallery wall?

Collecting these photographs and stories, Mlangeni and Dhlamini explore the value of images as objects of history by establishing an archive of the ordinary.

Event: Open studio, December 1, 2018. Image courtesy of Jabulani Dlamini.