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The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember, photographed for Common, curated by Khanya Mashabela, 6 May – 26 July 2023. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Vimbiso Date 1989 Authors Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings Type Vinyl record

The Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings was a sungura music group formed in 1985 in Hurungwe. The group is known for the hit song Vimbiso.

The group consisted of David Ziome (drums and leader), Mitchell Jambo (lead vocals), Micron Jambo (rhythm guitar), Peter Mwachande (lead guitar) and Hoza July (bass).

The group moved to Mutare in 1989. A few months later, the Jambo brothers left to form the Marunga Brothers after a disagreement with Ziome. Ziome continued to lead the band for a brief period before it disbanded.