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The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember, photographed for Common, curated by Khanya Mashabela, 6 May – 26 July 2023. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Flood River Date 1994 Authors Unowerera Type Vinyl record

Though very little information is publicly available about the Flood River band and its members, the album's blurb describes them as a group of young men playing music in Harare, "poised for greater heights on the music scene". The recording company is Shed Studios, a music production company which produced hundreds of bands, often for advertisement jingles and film soundtracks in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). Shed Studios was founded in 1975 and ran until 2000, as a collaboration between Steve Roskilly, Martin Norris and Neil Thain, all employees of Rhodesia Television.