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Broomberg & Chanarin
Artwork 2015
Artwork image from the ‘If I Can't Dance It's Not My Revolution’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. A still frame from Broomberg & Chanarin’s video work ‘Rudiments’ depicts an individual wrapped in stuffing and white fabric on all fours.
Artwork: Broomberg & Chanarin, Rudiments (2015). Video, sound. 11 min 58 sec. Courtesy of Broomberg & Chanarin and Goodman Gallery.
Artist Broomberg & Chanarin Title Rudiments Date 2015 Materials Video, sound Dimensions 11 min 58 sec Credit Courtesy of Broomberg & Chanarin / Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

Rudiments weaves footage of army cadets at a military camp on the outskirts of Liverpool with that of a Bouffon (Hannah Ringham) – a dark clown. The result is a dynamic tension between strict military codes and an absurd vulgarity. The film ruminates on the presence of authority in the formative moments of childhood and early youth, and is propelled by an improvised score devised for the drums by the American musician Kid Millions.