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Talking Machine
Vivian Caccuri
Artwork 2018
Installation photograph from the ‘Sounding the Void, Imaging the Orchestra V.1’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. Vivian Cacurri's video work 'Talking Machine' plays on a screen sitting on the concrete gallery floor.
Artwork: Vivian Caccuri, Talking Machine (2018). Video, sound. 48 min. Courtesy of the artist.
Artist Vivian Caccuri Title Talking Machine Date 2018 Materials Video, sound Dimensions 48 min Credit Courtsey of the artist

Vivian Caccuri uses installation and performance to analyse the impact of sound on social and cultural formations. Talking Machine charts the emergence and trajectory of Brazil’s vinyl industry, from the arrival of Fred Figner, an entrepreneurial European immigrant who pioneered the first production and sale of Brazilian music on vinyl records in the early 1900s, to its impact on Brazilian artists such as Cildo Meireles, Waltercio Caldas and Chelpa Ferro.