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Les Indes Galantes
Clément Cogitore
Artwork 2018
A still frame from Clement Cogitore’s video work ‘Les Andes Galantes’ depicts Krump dancers moving to music from Jean Phillips Rameau’s titular opéra-ballet.
Artwork: Clément Cogitore, Les Indes Galantes (2018). Video, sound. 5 min 47 sec. Courtesy of Clément Cogitore and Eva Hober Gallery.
Artist Clément Cogitore Title Les Indes Galantes Date 2018 Materials Video, sound Dimensions 5 min 47 sec Credit Courtesy of Clément Cogitore / Eva Hober gallery (FR)

Les Indes Galantes (The Amorous Indians), is an Opéra-ballet created by Jean Philippe Rameau in 1735. The inspiration was a dance by First Nations' of Louisiana performed by Metchigaema Chiefs in Paris in 1723. Clement Cogitore’s piece sees Krump dancers moving to Rameau’s music. Krump developed in Los Angeles in the 1980's. Performed for camera, the work is shown as a projection in a video booth.