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Nothing to Commit Records
Bhavisha Panchia
Artwork 2019
Installation photograph from the ‘Sounding the Void, Imaging the Orchestra V.1’ exhibition in A4’s Gallery. A selection of vinyl records from Bhavisha Panchia’s ‘Nothing to Commit Records’ collection and some printed matter is arranged on two rectangular wooden stands with narrow shelves.
Artwork: Bhavisha Panchia, Nothing to Commit Records installation (2019). Vinyls, books. Various dimensions. Courtesy of the artist.
Artist Bhavisha Panchia Title Nothing to Commit Records Date 2019 Materials Vinyls, books Dimensions Dimensions variable Credit Courtesy of the artist

This listening platform was produced by Bhavisha Panchia with Nothing To Commit Records, a research and publishing platform committed to the production and expansion of knowledge related to contemporary art, literature and music within and across the global South. Nothing to Commit Records hosts a collection of audio material, including artist-produced vinyl records, that challenge, critique and provide alternate trajectories of imagining historical processes, diasporic formations, and national and cultural identities and encounters.

b.1985, Durban; works in Johannesburg.