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September 1 2018 – January 15 2021
Naama Tsabar
Artwork 2018–2021
Artwork photograph that shows Naama Tsabar’s shoe and metronome sculpture sitting on a white floor.
Artwork: Naama Tsabar, September 1 2018 – January 15 2021 (2018–2021). Shoes, metronome, motor, battery. 25 x 20 x 35 cm. Private collection.
Artist Naama Tsabar Title September 1 2018 – January 15 2021 Date 2018–2021 Materials Shoes, metronome, motor, battery Dimensions 25 x 20 x 35 cm Credit Private collection

Unique in its rhythmic persistence, September 1 2018 – January 15 2021 is among the artist’s few works that do not require physical engagement from their audience. Rather, it offers a distilled notation of Tsabar’s travels on foot, the rhythm of her footsteps resounding in the measured ticking of the metronome. Titled after the period for which the shoes were worn, the paired objects offer a contemplation of time – its regulation by capitalist forces, the world’s slowing down during the global pandemic, those objects we carried through it. With leather scuffed and soles worn, the work is imprinted with the weight of the artist's body.

“I base my work on my own body. Some pieces are played from the outside, others require someone to stand inside the barrier and speak into the microphone, so the musicians I work with may have to lean over or tiptoe to complete the performance because of their different heights. It also goes back to the logic that the human body needs to adapt to architecture or musical instruments, and the same goes for the audience” (Naama Tsabar, 2022).

Rejecting passive observation, Naama Tsabar encourages an active curiosity in her audience. Her works are at once sculptures and auditory interventions; their sounds a mechanism to effect change, disrupting the white-walled gallery to bring to light those systems and spaces that go unsounded or unheard.