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DB Amorin
Artwork 2021/2022
Installation photograph from the ‘Model’ exhibition in A4’s Reading Room. DB Amorin video 'remoting' is playing on a wall mounted screen.
Artwork: DB Amorin, remoting (2021/2022). Colour video, no sound. 2 min 30 sec. Courtesy of the artist.
Artist DB Amorin Title remoting Date 2021/2022 Materials Colour video, no sound Dimensions 2 min 30 sec Credit Courtesy of the artist

In remoting, Amorin offers a shifting arrangement of shapes and colours, a collection of irregular, pixelated forms that morph into one another, slipping between near-familiar images – almost fire hydrant, almost rabbit, egg almost fried – and embryonic abstractions. The video work was made with StyleGAN, an open-source generative adversarial network, which the artist trained on non-human emoji sets from iOS 14. Departing from the recognisable symbols after which it was modelled, remoting prompts us to question why we so intently attempt to reconcile the unidentifiable and indistinguishable into more recognisable forms.

In non-linear, time-based compositions, DB Amorin draws on DIY experimentation, AI programming, and lo-fi technological tools to create mediated experiences of the physical and digital worlds.