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CCA Internship 2019
Workshop 10 April–26 July 2019
Process photograph from the 2019 rendition of the CCA Internship Programme on A4’s top floor, depicting a detail of a page. On the left, snippets of felt pen writing and diagrammatic drawings. The text fragments read “Baby Bathwater”, “underbelly 4th trimester” and “conceptual inquiry.” On the right, a barcode sticker holds a strand of unknown material to the page.
Process: CCA Internship, April 10, 2019–July 26, 2019.
Title CCA Internship 2019 Dates 10 April–26 July 2019 Location Top Floor Tagline Four students from UCT’s Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA) join A4 as interns to pursue their research and to experience work in an arts organisation. Credits

heeten bhagat

CCA interns:
Nathalie Viruly
Aaliyah Ahmed
Lethabolaka Gumede
Jonathan Goschen

Students develop a personal research project during their time at A4:

Nathalie Viruly researches the current CAPS curriculum for visual arts in South Africa. Her self-motivated project looks at elements of Obstetric Violence and The Fourth Trimester.

Aaliyah Ahmed works on a plan to map the curatorial underground of Cape Town. Her self-motivated project investigates images and traditions of Islamic practice in Cape Town’s local and diasporic Muslim community.

Lethabolaka Gumede has taken up FOMO – a research project working to map performance/live artists and art-making work in Africa. Her own project aims to delve into the mechanisms of an interactive music and dance conference.

Jonathan Goschen is working to build a database and make connections with academies and institutions that host repositories of arts theses in Africa. His own project aims to build an exhibition of ideas, artworks, maps and plans around the imaginative history of the Cape Town harbour from 1600 to the present day.

The Academy at A4 Arts provides interns from UCT's Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA) with mentoring, support, and a place for research. The internship programme offers hands-on experience in modalities and curatorial practice. It recognises the imperative to create spaces that accommodate contradiction and dissonance in order to support a new generation of curators.

Process photograph from the 2019 rendition of the CCA Internship Programme on A4’s top floor. A lined page with pen writing records reflections on agency and images with phrases like “1920s: what was the ‘photograph’?”
Process: CCA Internship, April 10, 2019–July 26, 2019.