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Data Science Intensive (DSI)
Workshop 19 September–19 October 2018
Event photograph from the ‘Artificial Intelligence JEDI’ workshop on A4’s top floor shows a graph diagram in green, red and blue felt pen marker on a white a wall.
Event: Artificial Intelligence JEDI, March 13, 2018–March 15, 2018. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title Data Science Intensive (DSI) Dates 19 September–19 October 2018 Location Top Floor Tagline The Data Science Intensive programme challenges 16 participants to tackle four consecutive real-world data science projects in teams. Credits

Bruce Bassett (senior resident researcher and head of the Cosmology Group at AIMS South Africa).

Dr Shankar Argawal
Mr Emmanuel Dufourq

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Square Kilometer Array (SKA)


The Data Science Intensive (DSI) programme is coordinated by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in South Africa.

The main goal of the DSI is to ensure that participants who successfully complete the program are able to add value to any data science team in the world. As a result, the emphasis of the program is on practical skills in machine learning, big data and AI. Participants come from seven different African countries and comprise many AIMS alumni.

The programme is coordinated by Prof Bruce Bassett. Dr Shankar Argawal, a postdoctoral fellow and Mr Emmanuel Dufourq, a PhD student in the AIMS South Africa Research Centre, are the programme's tutors.

The DSI is primarily funded by the SA-DISCnet grant, a collaborative data science training network between AIMS South Africa and universities in the southern UK.

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