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Curatorial Workshop
Workshop 18 April 2019
Ephemera from the ‘Curatorial Workshop’ exchange lead by Matthew S Witkovsky and Janine Mileaf on A4’s top floor. An areal photograph of overlapping motorways.
Ephemera: Matthew S. Witkovsky and Janine Mileaf’s Curatorial Workshop, April 18, 2019.
Title Curatorial Workshop Dates 18 April 2019 Location Top Floor Tagline A workshop led by Matthew S Witkovsky and Janine Mileaf.

Structured as a roundtable conversation between the workshop coordinators and the participants, Matthew S Witkovsky (Curator and Chair, Dept of Photography, The Art Institute of Chicago) and Janine Mileaf (Executive Director at The Arts Club of Chicago) direct this exchange by sharing insights on research strategies, exhibition-making, working with artists, navigating institutional apparatus, and audience-building.