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Curatorial Exchange
Workshop 10 September–3 December 2018
Process photograph from the 2018 offsite rendition of Curatorial Exchange with Art Institute Chicago. An acrylic document stand holds a photograph about the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, Illinois, along with pre-addressed envelopes to the Center.
Process: Curatorial Exchange, Art Institute of Chicago and A4 Arts Foundation, September 10, 2018–December 3, 2018.
Title Curatorial Exchange Dates 10 September–3 December 2018 Location Offsite Tagline A collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago and A4 Arts Foundation, the exchange sees curators from Cape Town travelling to Chicago, followed by a reciprocal visit. Credits

Felicia Mings

Hendrik Folkerts (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Institute of Chicago)
Amarie Gipson (AIC Curatorial Fellow)
Lashana Jackson (VP, Global Talent Management, Aon)
Faheem Majeed (Artist & Curator)
Felicia Mings (Academic Curator, Art Institute of Chicago)
Michal Raz-Russo (Associate Curator of Photography, Art Institute of Chicago)
Jacqueline Terrassa (Chair of Learning and Public Engagement, Art Institute of Chicago)
Josh Ginsburg (A4)
heeten bhagat (A4)
Bhavisha Panchia (Independent curator, Johannesburg)

Art Institute of Chicago

McArthur Grant

Supported by a McArthur grant, the Curatorial Exchange reflects on the history of extreme segregation in the cities of Chicago and Cape Town. What mechanisms are being developed in the cultural field to counter the resultant inequity that emerges from this segregation?

Special emphasis is placed on how these conditions relate to economic sustainability/viability for curators and artists working within and/or beyond existing art world models.


Chicago: 10 September – 17 September (2018)
Cape Town: 26 November – 3 December (2018)