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Exchange – AFDA/A4
Workshop 16–17 July 2019
Event photograph from the 'AFDA and A4 Exchange: Experimental Film and Video Art’ on A4’s top floor. At the front, moderators heeten bhagat and Tabogo Nong sit with a participant. At the back, Josh Ginsburg’s kinetic wall sculpture ‘Science fiction (Gauges)’ is mounted on a white wall.
Workshop: AFDA, July 16, 2019–July 17, 2019. Image courtesy of Keletso Nazir Mfolo.
Title Exchange – AFDA/A4 Dates 16–17 July 2019 Location Top Floor Tagline Exploring experimental film and video art with AFDA students. Credits

Tebogo Nong
heeten bhagat

This two-part exchange between AFDA, a South African college for the moving image and dramatic arts, and A4 explores the similarities, differences and continuities within experimental film and video art.
Four experimental films from AFDA’s third-year students and four video works by visual artists initiate conversations about process, intention, outcome and market.

The exchange is moderated by Tebogo Nong and heeten bhagat.